Life is sometimes linked by the word “destiny”. Meeting, acquaintance and love are already a great arrangement, but the final ending for that relationship makes even more people rub “charm grace”.

Recently, a letter sent by his father to his daughter on the day of departure was shared throughout the website. Accompanied by that letter is the shaking love story of the two main characters Tan and Han.

The letter was mistakenly sent and the couple for three years did not tell each other a sentence

The young couple Tan – Han are now 26 years old and living in Saigon. They knew each other when they were in the same high school class.

Tan said: “From grade 10, Han and I started studying together. It has been 13 years now. I liked her at first sight. Han is very gentle, has not seen anyone as gentle as her and still obediently.

Back then, feelings might not have been love but I really liked her, in silence. Unilateral, so I decided to write a letter to get acquainted, but I was too embarrassed to ask my friend to hand it over to me. Whoever suspected that you sent the wrong address, gave it to Han’s friend. That person is the opposite of Han about everything. So in the end I was misunderstood as flirting with that girl. Not telling anyone but I know everything is shattered “.

From that confusion, the opportunity for Tan to speak out about his feelings was lost. During his high school years, he always paid attention to his beautiful girlfriend but he was speechless. Time went by until they both graduated.

He shared: “It was the first time the two of them talked to each other. Han is studying at Vinh University, so I followed the chefs training school. The feeling when I first texted the girl I secretly liked for years was hard to describe. To the extent that even a simple question of Han, it takes me even half an hour to think about how to answer impressively, how to make her like.

At that time, both of them did not have much problem because they did not have much in common, they did not exchange things for a few years, so the topic only revolved around their classmates. I kept waiting and had a class meeting, meeting her again. It was the same feeling, like going to school. Han is still adorable, cute, gentle and makes me feel so special ”.

At the meeting after several years now, Tan has more courage. He was tormented by the fact that Han belonged to another man and needed a fight to win her love. Finally, because his heart was pushing so hard, he began the journey of flirting.

Determined to start again and “sweet fruit” on Valentine’s day

Tan continued the story: “The affair was not favorable, so I lost my balance in my life. Thinking about it again and again, I couldn’t forget it, so I decided to contact Han again. Only then did I feel that the act of blocking communication was childish, it was nothing. I’m even bored with myself as someone else. I continue to stay with Hân, very quietly concerned. It was not pleasant, but it was more than trying to forget.

As time went on, we got closer and closer. Han being single means that she still has a chance. On a beautiful day, I saw Han smiling at me more freshly, liking to be spoiled and angry and reproachful. At that time, I was indescribably happy. Perhaps, predestined has come here. ”

Attention to Han very carefully, just a change of attitude Tan immediately realized. During 12 years after graduating, Tan never dared to love anyone because he was afraid that Huong would have feelings for him. But the wait is really worth it.

“Valentine this year, I decided to confess to her. Backed by my friends, I took her to the beach to say all my heart. I understood that if I didn’t speak, I had to accept seeing Han come with another man. I think that even if Han had a lover, she couldn’t forget it, so she decided to say it once. In the end, she agreed, that feeling could not be described in words, ”Tan said.

What a touching story. One must admire Tan’s perseverance and steadfastness. During the 12 years since he met Han, he didn’t love anyone and always pursued her even though sometimes the opportunity was very fragile, so many people advised to find others.

In love, not always perseverance will bring good results, but with a man named Tan, the effort he spent over a decade has paid off.

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